Loyalty / loyal

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staunchness, allegiance, fidelity, faithfulness, devotion, dutiful, patriotic, steadfast, true, trustworthy

German: Loyalität

Word origin

The word "loyalty" is the substantivized form of the adjective "loyal" (circa 1530), borrowed from Old French "loyauté", which derives from the Latin "lēgālis" = "the laws concerning", "the laws according to" (in Latin) lēx ", genitive" lēgis "=" law ", see also" legal ").


Faithful, devoted as well as interested in behavior towards higher authorities and given promises as well as agreements.


Loyalty describes a loyal, affirmative, legal and sometimes supportive behavior of one person towards another person or mostly a group (company, nation, community of values, etc.).

A person is loyal when they pay unrestricted respect to or protect and defend a (mostly higher) authority, another person or a group. It is not necessary to completely match your own values with the values of this other instance, person or group.

Named and agreed basic common values - as well as legal concepts - promote loyalty and at best form a kind of mission (honorable commission).

In general, loyalty arises when there are emotional or rational correspondences (goals, values, challenges) that are perceived or known to a certain extent subjectively and / or objectively.

Loyalty is expressed in behavior towards the person or group to which you are loyally connected.

A loyal behavior as a basic personality trait of a person can basically be present through certain personal motives and values of that person; e.g. Faithfulness, honesty, decency, trust, conformity, virtue, faith, etc.


"Loyalty is the mark of honor."

Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff and von Hindenburg (02.10.1847 in Poznan until 02.08.1934 on Gut Neudeck, East Prussia); German Field Marshal and politician


"The artist's most important loyalty is that of quality."

Jean-Louis Barrault (08.09.1910 in Le Vésinet until 22.01.1994 in Paris); French actor, pantomime and director


"Bravery is not enough, loyalty and obedience are more important."

George Orwell (25.06.1903 to 21.01.1950); English writer, essayist and journalist


"You ask: Will I be understood, will I be loved, will I be treated loyally ?, but never: Do I understand the others, do I love, do I act loyally against them?"

C.G. Jung (26.07.1875 in Kesswil until 06.06.1961 in Küsnacht); actually Carl Gustav Jung; Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology


"Loyalty is the state in a relationship that allows you to contribute causally to the purpose of the relationship, recognition is the space in which loyalty exists."


Ron Smothermon (July 26, 1943); American doctor, therapist, lecturer and author

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