Dependability / dependable

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reliability, dependability, trustworthiness, steadiness, sureness

German: Zuverlässigkeit, Verlässlichkeit (reliability)

Word origin

First recorded approx.1730; "depend" = from Old French "dependre", from Latin "dēpendēre" = "to hang from, from de-" and "pendēre" = "to hang" and "-able" from Latin "-ābilis" (equivalent to -ā- final vowel of 1st conjugation v. stems + -bilis)


Permanent reliability of (trustworthy) persons or system-stable objects


Reliability describes persons, objects or materials that prove to be safe or trustworthy and that perform promised or fulfill the said requirements.

If something is reliable, then you can trust it to deliver the promised purpose or benefit.

A person is credited with keeping their word, doing what they promise, and being able to rely on it.

Reliability includes consistent trustworthiness, correctness, flawlessness, security and punctuality as important indicators (characteristic values) that can be used to measure the reliability of a person or an object.

Thus, reliability is a particularly important value, because the reliability of one affects the life of the other. Therefore, especially within so-called value-added chains, the reliability (reliable delivery or functioning) of all contained productive units is important.


"You learn to appreciate your own reliability when you have to rely on others."

From Italy

"A good person is more reliable than a stone bridge."
Marcus Aurelius (121 to 180); Roman emperor and philosopher

"He who is reliable in the smallest things, it is the same in the big ones, and he who does wrong in the smallest things does so with the great ones."
Bible (Luke 16:10)

"We have to expect others to expect us, but we can decide if we are a plus or a minus for them."
Ernst Ferstl (1955); Austrian teacher, poet and aphorist

"For many people, the word reliably comes from leaving, and when you rely on their reliability, you are abandoned."
Peter e. Schumacher (1941 to 2013); Aphorism collector and publicist

"Ultimately, we can only rely on ourselves, and not always."
Waltraud Puzicha (1925 to 2013); German aphorist

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